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Security incidents and data breaches have become a fact of life in today’s digital world. Almost 90% of UK organisations reported suffering some sort of data security breach in 2015 and these breaches leave their customers’ personal information vulnerable to theft and abuse. At the same time individuals are being targeted by malware and phishing attacks all aimed at stealing or extracting valuable personal and financial information.

Consumers are understandably concerned about the security of their personal information and confused about who to turn to for help if they do fall victim to identity or personal related fraud. CSID’s Global Identity Protector service enables your organisation to offer proactive personal data protection and comprehensive Identity Restoration support to your customers or employees in the UK and all around the world.

Global Identity Protector uses our Identity Management Centre to offer a customised, brandable user experience to meet your specific requirements and can be configured as a standalone or a component of an existing or enhanced product or service.

CyberAgent Powered

CyberAgent monitors the depths of the web for data compromise – detecting identity theft across the globe


Manages identity restoration services

Global Reach

Provides customisable configuration options to fit your unique market

Global Identity Protector leverages our best-in-class Identity Management Centre to offer a friendly user experience that can be easily customised to meet your business’ unique requirements.

Scalable and globally accessible

Fast implementation time

Easy analytics integration

Fully hosted and managed

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