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CSID Data Breach Mitigation solutions can be customised to your level of risk, the type of data exposed, the countries in which the affected individuals live, the severity of the breach and your budget.

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CSID has extensive, international experience of helping governments, charities and businesses of all sizes quickly deploy breach mitigation services to affected customers and employees.

We believe that a one size fits all approach to breach mitigation is no longer acceptable and have proven experience of rapidly deploying the right tailored solution for each breach. Our customised approach covers:

  1. Protecting the actual personal information or credentials lost in the breach; not just the individuals credit file.

  2. Providing breach specific customer advice and care; not just generic and impersonal support.

  3. Provide an Assisted Identity Restoration service that will help the customer resolve all forms of personal data fraud.

  4. Protect every customer, employee or business affected by the breach; no matter what country they reside in or language they speak.

Heightened customer sensitivity, increased commercial costs and changing regulation make a data breach among the highest risk incidents any business will face. CSID Data Breach Mitigation solutions mean that we can rapidly deploy the right solution for you all in one place.

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