Fraud, and particularly identity fraud, is on the rise.  Organisations are holding more data electronically and hackers are becoming more sophisticated and successful in acquiring it.  This coupled with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, to be adopted this year with a two year timescale for compliance, will require a change in how cyber threats are handled.  Financial penalties for mishandling personal information are set to increase hugely, and most companies will become obliged to notify authorities and consumers about breaches, which will shape public awareness and attitudes.  In addition to their ongoing efforts to improve cyber-security, organisations will need to demonstrate that they can provide comprehensive support to the individuals whose data has been lost.  They will need to have a pre-planned response in place, and it will need to go far beyond what has been offered in the past.We’re a willing partner that can help you enhance your core business by being proactive and staying secure. When your enterprise, employees and customers are covered, you change the fundamental risk of your organisation. Whether it’s extending your business intelligence and security, or enabling those associated with your business to become protected, CSID can provide the solutions you need to mitigate risk.