Cyber crime was once a cottage industry of those career criminals who had the specialist knowledge, time, money and bespoke software to carry out attacks.  However, recently it has developed into a growing industry that anyone who wants to join in can do so very simply.

Here at CSID we have called this growth the ‘industrialisation of the cyber threat’ as it moves from the darker hideouts of the web to the more mainstream places.

At the same time as this growth we have also seen the development of the regulatory environment of cyber security as businesses and individuals become more aware of the risk this industrialisation.

Over the next couple of months, we will investigate the reasons behind this growth and what risks it poses to both individuals and businesses on the blog. We will also be discussing how we can protect ourselves and what the future may hold.

You can hear CSID’s Managing Director Andy Thomas and myself discuss cyber security changes over the past ten years on the first of our two-part podcast on the industrialisation of the cyber crime here. Looking forward to sharing more of our thoughts with you soon!